Last week the boy and I went to the beautiful city of Berlin for a short break, super short 3 nights to be precise.

I decided to treat him to a holiday away from the horrid London rain and cold weather and instead take him to an even more windy and wet climate, but with amazing surroundings we could explore. 

Day 1 - We visited the Fernsehturm Tower from which we could see a 360 degree view of the city....well so they said. The day we visited had to be the day when they were renovating the restaurant so instead we had a 180 degree view :-)

I'm wearing a Zara floral blouse which I'm totally loving at the moment as it's slightly see through...(no I'm not that type of girl), but hides your modesty with the correct placement of flowers towards the sides! To think of it I have purchased quite a few flower power pieces for Spring, makes me look forward to the longer days to come!

Have you started your spring shop yet?

My outfit - Long Tall Sally blazer and skinny jeans, Topshop ankle boots, spiked cross necklace, hat, Zara blouse, Chanel bag, Accessorize gloves.

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  1. super nice llook!
    hope i ll see u again!
    xoxo post here!

  2. Your blog cover picture is adorable!! :)


  3. Nice outfit!

  4. I love travel photos. Lovely holiday. Thanks for visiting me. Following you on GFC and bloglovin both. Hope you follow back on both too..

  5. ochhhh your style is amazing!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Thanks Damellia, sure we can follow each other!

  7. Wow you are gorgeous! I love that red lipstick on you too. :) Your outfits are fabulous. I especially love the floral blouse in the last photo.

  8. Great and simple at the same time.

  9. I love so much Berlin, I used to live there and it's the greatest city i ever been!

    1. Oh wow, I know it was a really great city, with so much interesting history still alive!

  10. love it,you are very beatiful .

  11. I see that you also like Chanel bags :)

    Today I have posted a review about mine. Maybe you would like to check it out and share your experiences with the bag!! I would be thrilled if you do!!

    All the best


Thanks for all your comments!

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